The Start of our Mission

the mission team on their way to El Salvador

I knew that God MUST have a plan for me in El Salvador, because it certainly wasn’t something I had planned on! There have been many times that I have prayed that God would make it clear why He brought me here. Last spring He began to reveal His plans for me. Mission work is not something that I ever felt “called to do.” It’s not something that I ever thought I would be a part of first hand, until I came here. Just seeing what life is like here, and how different things are from the United States, began to get me interested in mission work . I knew I wanted to help. I knew I wanted to share God’s love with people and make things better for them in some way, but I didn’t even know where to begin. My friend Mallory, has wanted to be a missionary all her life. She has such a heart for people and has been a part of several missions trips. One day she shared with me that she was having trouble with the plans for a trip to Costa Rica. It would break her heart to tell her group that they wouldn’t be able to do a summer trip. Thinking about how I wanted to get involved with mission work, I suggested they come to El Salvador. It was something so obvious, I don’t know why we had never thought about it before. A few days later we had it all planned out, and countdown to the summer missions trip was on! The missions team was in NY, busy with fundraisers, and trip meetings, while my husband and I planned things out in El Salvador. He arranged jobs for the group to do, and a van to rent, and I was busy preparing a menu and getting the house ready! By the time July arrived, we were all ready to see what the week would hold for us, and how God would use us!


4 thoughts on “The Start of our Mission

  1. Thanks for sharing Meg…it’s humbling to realize what God has planned for us…some times we limit ourself when He’s given us to do far more! I love you!!

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