Missions Trip ~ Summer 2011 ~ Big Projects

The two main projects the group worked on were painting at a house, and building a new house for a family.

The Mission's Team with Lita, the homeowner

The group painted the outside and most of the inside of a house for a widow named, Lita. She hadn’t had her house painted in about 10 years, so it was long over due! She really appreciated all the hard work, and was thrilled with the way her house looked!

Clato, the new home owner, stands infront of the house that's being built for his family

Clato, the man who we built the house for is sick. His family has been living in a house made of sticks and plastic garbage bags. They have holes in the roof, tears in the “walls” and dirt for a floor. I think everyone was shocked when they saw the way that he and his family were living. When we had the idea to built a house, we had no idea what we were in for! It proved to be very challenging and time consuming, but in the end it was worth it! Since the trip was only a week long, the missions group did not have time to finish the whole house. However, they had raised some extra money and left us with enough to pay a worker to finish the project after they left! The progress of the house has moved somewhat slowly over the past few months, but little by little things are getting done. Clato and his family are very thankful for the work the group did, and are anxious to move into their new home!


2 thoughts on “Missions Trip ~ Summer 2011 ~ Big Projects

  1. Great pictures! Being able to actually see you guys but also the people you’re working with is really moving…not just a name, but a face too!

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