Missions Trip ~ Summer 2011 ~ Small projects

In July 2011, we hosted our first mission trip. The group of 11 worked on two big projects, as well as a few smaller projects.

Coloring with the Sunday School Kids

On sunday the group did a skit during church, called, “Jesus, the Healer.” Everyone seemed to really enjoy watching it. Then they took the sunday school kids outside and did a skit for them and played some games with them. After church they gave all the kids a Gideon Testament. Everyone had a great time, and the kids were excited with their Bibles.

Brendan modeling as the group sorts through the clothes

After sunday dinner the group sorted through a bunch of clothes they brought to donate. It was amazing how much they brought! We didn’t have time to give away the clothes while the group was here, so they left the bags of clothes with my husband and I to give away. In addition to donating clothing, the group also made up bags of food and other necessities for some needy people. They were filled things like rice, beans, soap, juices boxes etc. Things that are basic, but these people struggle to afford. The mission team also cleaned a local church. The church was planning to re-tile the floor, so they spent time moving chairs and scrubbing the floor.


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