One Man’s Trash, Is Another Man’s Treasure

My husband, Adan ,and I have been busy organizing clothes! Over the past few months we have handed out a bunch of clothes to anyone we know who needs it. A few weeks ago, a man stopped by asking if he could trim our trees. We didn’t really need them done, but when Adan told him no thanks, the man explained he hadn’t eaten in 3 days. He was trying to make money to buy some food. Adan quickly found work for him to do. Meanwhile, I got some water bottles and oatmeal bars, for him to eat. While he was working, he told Adan he was from Honduras, (we live near the border) and came here to try to make some money. He had been sleeping outside by a gas station for a week. The night before, someone stole his bag with all his clothes, while he was asleep. Boy, did he come to the right place, because we sent him home with clothes for himself, his daughter and his wife. We also gave him sneakers, some bags of chips, and a Bible. He was so thankful, and we were happy we could help him. Adan offered to give him more jobs, but he had been away from his family for a while and was heading home. His story was so heartbreaking, and helping him out reminded Adan and I how much we loved being involved in mission work, and serving others. Esther has also been helping needy people. She took a few bags of clothes, and some Bibles from us and brought them to people she knew who needed them. With her help, we were able to share God’s love with people by giving them something as simple as used clothes and Bibles. We are planning to hand out the rest of the clothes this summer with a group that is coming on a mission trip! It’s exciting to see how God is using unwanted clothes from America, and turning them into blessings here, in El Salvador!

Esther giving clothes to a little girl and her mother


2 thoughts on “One Man’s Trash, Is Another Man’s Treasure

  1. I would have loved to hear the man tell the story to his family about how he received food, money, clothing, and a Bible. Pretty cool stuff!!!!

    • yeah, me too. in a way it was like a good ending to what sounded like a pretty bad time here. i love getting used clothes from people, so i know i’d be excited if my husband came home with clothes for me and our kids. i bet they were even happier cause they probably didn’t have much to begin with!

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