The Best “Love Story” Ever Written

Once upon a Valentine’s Day, like a million other girls, I was given a dozen red roses. In the middle, however, there was a red, felt-covered rose that had an engagement ring inside it. Needless to say, my answer was yes! That moment was one of mixed emotion for me. There were cracks in my excitement, where fear was creeping in. I knew he was, my “prince charming”, but I also knew we would not live ” happily every after.” Saying yes to being his wife, also meant saying yes to lots of uncertianty, and ultimately lead to me leaving the comforts of my life in America. When I first told people I was moving to El Salvador, I got the same response most of the time. “Wow, you must really love your husband,” they’d say. It was a statement that always botherd me a little, because I stood infront of a church, and promised to love Adan, in “good times and in bad,” so clearly, I love him. I wouldn’t have married him if I didn’t. For me, it was never about the things he could give me, or because he was the “perfect guy.” I choose to marry him, because I love him. Simple as that. I love him when we’re laughing while walking hand in hand, and I love him when we’re not talking, cause we’re angry with each other. He is mine, and I am his, no matter what the circumstance. John 15:13, says “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” As much as I love my husband, Jesus’ love for you and I, is so much greater! He left the comforts of heaven, to come to a sinful world, and showed the ultiment act of love; “laying down his life.” Most of us know the story. Infact, many who don’t believe, have heard of Jesus, and the cruxifiction, but when was the last time anyone has paused and said, “Wow, HE must really love US!” Jesus did this, not because we are perfect, infact, it’s quite the opposite. We are so imperfect, that we need His blood to make us clean! We come to the cross with nothing to offer. There is nothing we can do to make Jesus love us. He loves us, simply, because He choose to. He choose us,(John 15:16) and He loves us, all the time. When we are praying without ceasing, and studying His word, He loves us. When we can’t find the words to pray, and our Bibles are coverd with dust, He loves us. On this Valentine’s Day, and evey day, let us not forgot the best “love story” ever written, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 Wow, He must really love us!


3 thoughts on “The Best “Love Story” Ever Written

  1. Wow Meg…that was beautiful! I love reading your blogs. Not only are they enjoyable to read, but they also have such important reminders in them. Keep it up!

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