“Alway be a shining light for the Lord, and share His love with those around you…”

My house, the first day that I saw it!

“When I got off the plane, I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I noticed was how HOT is it! There were so many people, all speaking spanish, of course, and I felt like, ‘Snow White’ pushing through the crowd! After attempting to use my spanish with a man at customs, I got my luggage and headed outside. There were honestly about 500 people out there, waiting for friends and family! Finally, I found Adan, and we headed to the car. The ride home was long and bumpy! We drove through a few small towns, with people on the sides of the streets selling fruit and nuts. Everybody was just doing whatever they could to get by, and make a buck. We drove past our soon-to-be house, and I wanted to cry. It looked like might be nice and everything, but it just wasn’t what I expected! The town is really busy, and the neighborhood looks so, well, dirty! The ride to Adan’s parents house was very hilly and twisty. It really started to hit me that I was in El Salvador! When we arrived his mom met me with open arms. (Literally!) Seeing how excited she, was to meet me, made me feel so welcome. The food here is different, but I like it! The people are different, but they seem nice. The town is different, but I guess it will grow on me, let’s just leave it at that! In the past few days, I have done many new things, such as feeding bulls and cows, walking past some very scary looking dogs, and getting in and out of a hammock! I have also seen a bunch of new things. (Not all of them good) I’ve seen people begging in the streets, and my heart goes out to them. I’ve seen some really pretty, colorful houses right next to some small broken down shacks. Seen the crazy way everyone drives here, and how there are always people coming and going! Most of the stores are more like little booths on the side of the street with people selling stuff. The grocery store is similar, though it’s much smaller. One difference was the guards with machine guns by the door. They are all over, at banks and restaurants, and stuff. It’s a little scary, but at the same time I guess it’s good cause they are there for protection! All in all, I don’t love it here, but I do love Adan, and being with him, makes living here worth it!”

My House Now

That’s a summary of what I wrote in my journal during the first few days I was in El Salvador. It’s been 4 years today that I have been here! Things have changed a lot since then. My house turned out great! I’m a pro at hammocks, and making rice. Seeing people with guns is so normal to me, I hardly even notice. The biggest change has probably been my attitude, though. When I first came here, I came with such a heavy heart. There was really no part of me that wanted to be here, other than seeing my husband again. Now, things are different. I still have days where being here is a struggle. I’d be lying if I said I love it here, because I don’t, but I have finally accepted that God wants me here, and is using me here! My mom has been saying that all along. From the day I found out I was moving, until the day I am back in the U.S. for good, I know she will remind me of that! She even wrote it to me in a letter that she handed me in the airport the day I left:

“I will be counting the days until you are both back here in the USA to live, and we can all be together again…for now though, I know that God has a plan for you both in, El Salvador.”

In her letter, she also reminded me:

“Alway remember to honor God, and He will honor you. Always stick to what you believe. Alway be a shining light for the Lord, and share His love with those around you…Always continue to walk as the strong Christian that you have become…Always know how much I admire you. Always know I love you more than life itself…I will miss you soooo much and I miss Adan soooo much too! We are family, and no miles can ever take that away from us! Also, remember that God is only a prayer away, and He is always with you!”

Her words have helped me through some hard days, and encouraged me to seek God’s will for me here! I remember reading the letter in the airport, hysterical crying.(A little more than I am now, reading it again!) Knowing how emotional I can be, my mom closed with a P.S. that she knew would make me laugh.

“P.S. Always remember it is a miracle that we fit all that stuff in those 2 suitcases!”

She wasn’t kidding either!

I love you, mom! Thanks for praying for us and supporting us during the past 4+ years, and reminding me always, that God has a plan for us!


2 thoughts on ““Alway be a shining light for the Lord, and share His love with those around you…”

  1. Love you too Megs! I have been greatly blessed with you as my daughter. God has given me amazing kids and I am so thankful for each of you! Wait till your kids are grown up, you will see how amzing it is to see God’s plan for their lives unfold. ❤

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