“The hope of the poor will not be crushed forever.”

Anywhere you go in my city, there are people asking for money. From small children, to sick elderly people, they are all looking for help. I admit that there are times that I try to avoide them, and do what I have to do. Sometimes though, I sit back and really watch it all, and my heart breaks. Outside of the grocery store is one of the worst spots. You have to push your way up a ramp that’s crowded with people asking for money. I’ve seen everything from a man with one arm, a lady with a small baby, a blind man, and dozens of others. There is one certain lady, who is ALWAYS there. Her wheelchair is parked at the end of that ramp every single time I go. She’s old, and frail, and looks like she hasn’t eaten in days. There is something about this lady that touches me every time I pass her. I think it’s the look in her eyes. You can tell she has seen some real hard times.

When I got inside the grocery store last week, there were some praise songs on the radio. It struck me in a way, because I don’t ever remember hearing any type of Christian songs play in a store in New York, other than maybe a Christmas carol. I started thinking about differences between America and El Salvador. In America, we are so blessed, and we go about our business, and it’s easy to forget just how much we need God sometimes. Here, however, most people are struggling, and suffering, and it seems like all they have left is their hope in God. Maybe that’s why Christian songs play in the same public places where beggars sit or verses are written on the sides of buses, that are often stopped by gangs and robbers. People need to be reminded that in spite of their suffering, and hardships, there is a God who loves them, and cares for them.

A Double Rainbow that was outside my house-A reminder of God's promises.

Next time I go to the grocery store I want to bring a Bible for that lady in the wheel chair. I want her to find the hope that can only be found in God’s word. I want her to know that, “The needy will not always be neglected” and “The hope of the poor will not be crushed forever.” (Psalm 9:18) I want her to have “hope and a future”.


3 thoughts on ““The hope of the poor will not be crushed forever.”

  1. Wow Meg…thanks again for sharing. You have been blessed with a compassionate heart and God is clearly using you there. Who knows? Maybe you will eventually get to know that woman in the wheel chair.

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