Sunday Drive

The other day after church, we decide to take a drive around a few neighborhoods, including the one where we are hoping to buy land. (to build our mission on) I had seen the land before, and always felt like it was a pretty poor area, but I had never driven all the way to the end of the street before. It’s interesting, because near the main road, the houses were small, but not too bad.

Then we went further and I began to see houses that were unpainted, or in need of repairs. However, the shock I saw at the end of the street, I was not expecting. There are dozens of shacks made of scraps of tin and plastic. Each one literally looks worse than the last.

To be honest, looking at some of these houses brough tears to my eyes. The conditions are just terrible, and thinking about the way these people are living is truly heartbreaking!

I saw little kids running in the street, with such sadness in their eyes. I saw elderly people wasting away, and in need of food and clothing.

As we drove, one thing became extremely clear to me, this is where God wants us to set up our mission. These people desperately need help, and hope, and we want to bring both to them. If we could see just one of those poor, sad, children smile, it would make living here all these year worth it! To make a difference in the lives of these people who could use all the help they can get, would mean the world to us! As sure as we are that God wants us to work in that barrio, we are also confident that He will provide us with the funds, and workers to make it happen!


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