Late Bloomer

There was a Pastor who came to my church in America, many years ago, who would always talk about, “blooming where you are planted.” It basically means, that wherever God “plants” you, or brings you in life, to “bloom” and do His will there. I admit, that is often easier said than done. It is no secret that I did not willingly choose to move to El Salvador. Through many difficult events, God brought me here. The first few years were very hard for me. Adjusting to life in another country, far away from everything I had ever know, was very not easy. I did not see being here as an adventure, or an oppurtunity, like some might. To be quite honest, it felt more like a punishment. I spent a lot of time wondering why God had brought me here, and struggling to figure out what His plan was for me. A couple of years ago, my mom painted this mural on the wall in my yard.

The words have been a constant reminder to me, to seek God’s will and let Him use me no matter where I am. It wasn’t until I began to ask God what His purpose for me here was, that I really began to “bloom”. In time, it became clear that God wanted us start this mission, and help people in our community. Suddenly it stopped being about me, and all the reasons I didn’t want to be here, and became about God, and why He brought me here. El Salvador may not be where I had hoped to be “planted” but God has helped me to “bloom” here, by doing this mission work.


5 thoughts on “Late Bloomer

    • Better late than never…I think seeking God’s will is just as important as doing it someitmes, cause it’s like saying, ok, God, I’m ready, just let me know where and what you want from me!

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