Sharing the Hope

Last Sunday, my mom and I had the privilege of going to a local church to talk about our mission, and the work we are doing in El Salvador. Though I was a little nervous, it turned out to be a great experience. I spent some time with one class of sunday school kids answering their questions about El Salvador. I love the way their minds work! They were full of questions, and also had some great ideas about how they could help people in need. The class made a bunch of pillows for us to give to kids in El Salvador. They are the perfect size to use in hammocks at night!

I also spent some time with the older sunday school kids. In their class we made these adorable flower bracelets for me to give to young girls in El Salvador. They are so cute, and I cannot wait to make some more with my sisters!

The ladies in the church have also been busy working. They made 40 beautiful pillow case dresses that I am bringing back with me. These dresses are very light weight, and the perfect sun-dresses for the Salvadorian heat! I cannot wait to give them out to the little girls in El Salvador!

I love being able to share about the work we are doing with our mission, and seeing others so eager to get involved. It’s especially touching to see young kids who are so excited to do something special for children in another country! Our mission has been so blessed by the generosity and kindness of others! We are so greatful, and I know the people we will be helping in El Salvador will be too!


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