Hope and a Future Banquet

Last night, we had our final fundraiser before I head home in a few weeks. It was a banquet of traditional foods from El Salvador. We had dishes that included: chicken, rice, stew, and pico de gallo. Most people didn’t know what kinds of food to expect, but enjoyed everything.

After dinner, I had an opportunity to share a little bit about the work we have been doing, and are planning to do with our mission. Since I have been in the States, so many people (many from my church here) have been so generous donating their time, baked goods, clothes, and money to help us, help the needy in El Salvador. I wanted to have this banquet so that I could share with them, what it’s like where we live, and who the clothes and money will be helping. We played a little “True and False” game which gave everyone a chance to learn some facts about El Salvador, and win some t-shirts. Then I shared a slide show which had pictures of the work we have been doing, and some of the people we have been able to help. We finished off the evening with some traditional cakes, including “Tres Leches” which seemed to be quite a hit! God blessed us with so many successful fundraisers over the past few months, and this one was no different. We are so excited to get to work next month, serving the people in our community!


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