July Mission Trip 2012~The First Week

It’s rare that I’m speechless. In fact, I’ve been told more than once, that I talk too much. However, as I sit here to write today, I’m completely speechless. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s actually that I have so much to say, that I don’t even know where to begin. How do I put into words the emotions that I have felt, and things that I have seen in the past few days?

On monday night the group came for their 10 day mission trip. It was great to see familiar faces, and fun getting to know the new members of the mission team. We went over all the things we’d we doing during the trip, and everyone got settled at the house.

Tuesday morning, they headed to a lot of land that we own, to cut down branches, move rocks, and take out bushes, so that we could use the land for some of our outreach projects.

It seemed to be a pretty big job, but as the day went on, more and more people from the neighborhood came over and began to help with the work. The kids especially LOVED helping! (Even before they knew they’d be getting paid for the job!)

Tuesday afternoon we spent time preparing the rice and beans that would be handed out.

It took a while to fill all the 2 pound bags, but when we were all done, we had 116 bags of rice and 122 bags of beans to give out!

On Wednesday, we were able to go to the land and hand out all the rice and beans.

In addition to the food we also gave 65 people New Testaments/Bibles. For many it was the first time they ever had an opportunity to read God’s word for themselves. Seeing the reaction of the people was amazing. Even the kids began reading them right away. This little boy hid on the side of the truck to read his, while the rest of the kids were playing. Imagine being so excited with your Bible, that you stop playing to read it!

Not only were these people hungry for the food we gave out, but they were hungry for God’s word, and being able to feed them was truly a blessing.

That afternoon, we spend hours sorting clothing that we would be handing out later during the trip. It was a lot to go through, but there were plenty of us, so it wasn’t too bad!

On Thursday, the group had a day away. They went to the department of Usulutan, to see a lagoon, and eat lunch there. Though I wasn’t there with them, I heard plenty about it when they got back. Although the restaurant was not too good, the group still managed to make the most of it, and took some really beautiful pictures of the things they saw there.

Friday we went to a church service at the church the group worked with last summer. They sang a song in spanish, and did hand motions to another song that was in spanish. Everyone in the church was touched by the music, and excited to see the group again. After church we handed out cookies and soda, as well as a bunch of clothing we brought.

Saturday morning, the group returned to the land in town to have a soccer game with the kids in the neighborhood. The kids greeted everyone with big smiles, and were so excited to play with the “gringos”!

After the game the group did a skit for the kids, and then handed out goodie bags and kick balls to the kids!

On saturday evening, we spent a lot of time making bracelets. We were planning to give them out on sunday at church, so we even taught the guys and had them help out. It took forever, but in the end we had plenty of friendship bracelets to give out in the little bags we made up for the kids!

Be sure to check our blog again over the next few days for more pictures and info about the second part of the trip!


2 thoughts on “July Mission Trip 2012~The First Week

  1. I love how you started this post off with the whole speechless thing. I also loved looking at all the pictures…I especially love the pictures of the children.

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