July Mission Trip 2012~The Second Week

Things have been a little busy here with another mission trip, so it took me a little longer than I planned to follow-up with the second week of the July trip. FINALLY, here is the continuation of the July Mission Trip~2012!

On Sunday, at church, the group performed a skit, and sang another song in Spanish. The congregation was touched at how the group learned the song, and thankful for them performing the skit. Then they spent some time leading sunday school for the children, and gave them some little bags we made up for them. Sunday evening it rained really hard, and the group took advantage of it. They all got into their bathing suits, and played in the rain for a while! It was a good way to cool off, on a hot day!

Bright and early monday morning, the group left to paint at the church we went to that sunday. The fence was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.

Monday afternoon, they went into town and did some shopping. After going to the market, and the park, we went out to dinner for some Pollo Campestre.

Tuesday morning the group did some more painting at the church. Then they stopped by to visit with Clato, the man whose house they began to build last year. In the past month the house has had a good amount of work done on it, and now looks like this:

For lunch they all went to Lita’s house. She is the elderly woman who the group painted for last summer. She was excited to see them again, and welcome them into her home.

That afternoon, we went into another neighborhood to hand out food, clothes and Bibles. We had all the clothing organized in suitcases, and thought it would be pretty easy to give everyone some clothes. Boy were we WRONG! It ended up being WAY more people than we ever expected! It became a bit chaotic, but in the end, we were all kept safe. We blessed about 200 people with food and clothes and give Bibles to 65 people.

Tuesday evening, we did our worship time a little different. After doing our devotions, we spent time sitting around a campfire finishing our smores, and singing.

Wednesday morning the group finished up painting at the church, and it looked great!

In the afternoon everyone headed to the land one more time, to spend a little time with the people in the neighborhood. The kids enjoyed playing some more soccer!

After the game, we all said goodbye, which was not easy. These kids became so attached to everyone. Most of them don’t have anyone who actually takes an interest in them, or wants to play with them, so it really meant a lot to these kids for us to be there.

Thursday morning, it was time to say goodbye and head to the airport.

In the week and a half that this group was here, we were able to touch the lives of more people than we ever thought. God opened so many doors for us to share about Christ, and let people know that Jesus loves them. Everyone we were able to help was truly thankful.This group was a blessing to us, and all the people we served together, in El Salvador. God is doing great things here, and we are so thankful to be a part of it!


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