Clato’s House

In July of 2011, the group of 11 that came for a mission trip, took on the biggest project we have done so far. They were planning to build a house for a family who was living in a house that was made of sticks, and black plastic, not much thicker than a garbage bag.

When they started, all that was done for the new house were a few concrete polls. The group quickly got to work framing, and adding some more polls.

We had no idea just what a big project this house would be. The group worked long and hard to try to finish the house. By the time the week-long trip was over, they got all the sheets of metal up for the walls, but didn’t have enough time to finish the roof.

Thankfully, this group had done an amazing job fundraising, and had plenty of money left at the end of the trip. They ended up leaving a bunch of money with us, so that we could pay a worker to finish the project, and buy the rest of the supplies.

Over the past year we have been trying to get this job finished. The framing for the roof was done a few months ago.

The worker has been busy putting the roofing tiles up over the past month.

There have been MANY bumps along the way, and set backs with this house, but last week, all the blood, sweat, and tears came to an end, and the house was finished!

There were times that we wondered if we had bit off more than we coud chew. We didn’t know where we would find a worker who would be reliable. We wondered if we would have enough money for the rest of the supplies. There were days when it seemed like more of a headache, than helping someone, but it is finally complete! God provided the workers, the money, and now, a home for this family!

When I see the condition of so many of these homes, it’s heartbreaking. We know we can’t help everyone, but it’s important not to be so focused on thinking that you’ll never be able to help everybody, that you don’t help anybody! For most of the people who we are able to work with, we are just doing little things, but they can still make a big difference for them!

When I see this picture, with Clato smiling in front of his new house, I know we have been blessed to change the life of at least one family, and I am thankful that Hope and a Future was able to be a part of it.


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