Fall Mission Trip~The Second Two Weeks

It’s hard to believe that another two weeks have passed! Our time with Colleen is going way too quickly! Over the past few weeks, everyone in the house has dealt with some cold or flu symtoms, so we did have to change a few of our plans. Even with our germs, we were still able to do a bunch of different things.

One of our big projects over the last two weeks, was handing out food and goodie bags in a poor community in our town. We handed out food and clothes in this area once before, and it got very out of hand! The people knew we were coming, and the word had traveled quickly. Hundreds of people came from as far as five miles away to get “free stuff”! In order to avoide another dangerous situation, and to better help those who truly need it, we decided not to tell people we were coming this time. We went door to door instead, focusing on the houses, and families who really need our help. This made things a lot smoother and safer! Each of the kids in the area, were given one of the bags we made up in the weeks before.

We had 65 kid’s bags, and we gave out 50 of them! That’s 50 very excited kids who are wearing our braceletes, reading our Jeremiah verse, and coloring our Hope and a Future picture!

The parents were equally excited to recieve their bags of food. We were able to bless about 30 families with bags of beans that day! It’s so touching to be able to give food to these unexpecting families. They are so thankful, and a few people even begged us to come again!

A couple of weeks ago, we were planning to lead a sunday school class for the kids in our friend, Esther’s church, but sadly we had to cancel due to illness. It was disappointing not being able to go to the church, but thankfully the kids will still be able to hear our lesson, and do our crafts. Since we had already made up all the bags and crafts for the kids, Esther is going to be sharing our message with them over the next few weeks. We are so thankful that we are still going to be able to touch the lives of these kids, even without being there! We had put together over 60 bags for these kids, which had the little projects shown below, reminding the kid’s that Jesus loves them, as well as some candy, and materials to make witnessing braceletes, that will teach the kids about salvation.

After spending a few days couped up in the house, trying to recover, we were excited to be able to get out to visit some friends last week. First we went to Lita’s house. Colleen was part of a group that painted her house in 2011. Lita was happy to see Colleen again, and spend some time with us. Then we headed over to Clato’s house. Colleen played a part in building his house, and she hadn’t seen it all done yet. She was excited to see how the house looked, and visit with Clato.

We brought some food and clothes to Clato and his family, which they were quite excited about. They remain very grateful for their house, and the clothes, Bibles, food, and shoes we have brought to them over the past year and a half. Even Clato’s little grandaughter was happy to visit with us!

We may have had some bumps in the road, being sick over the past couple of weeks, but it didn’t stop us from sharing God’s love with some very special people. Thankfully we are all feeling better, and are looking forward to all the things we have planned for the next two weeks!


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