Special Stories~Part 2

A few days ago, I shared a few special stories about people we have met, or been able to help over the past month and a half. Here are four more stories that show how God is using Hope and a Future Missions.

5. A family friend-I have found that it is important not to be so focused on the needs others, that you fail to see the people in need who are closest to you. Adan has a friend that he grew up who has been struggling for some time. His family is very poor, and they don’t have much. In the past we have given them shoes, clothes and stuffed animals for the kids. A couple of weeks ago, we had the opportunity to give the family some rice and beans, as well as some toys for the two little girls. We were so happy that we could help out this family. I know it means a lot to Adan be able to help out a friend he has known since he was a kid. It hits home knowing that they grew up very similar, and it could easily be his family in that situation.

6. The Lady with her Daughter-In July a lady, (who had no idea we run a mission) stopped at my house to see if we had any old clothes we could spare for her and her daughter. Well, clearly God had brought her here, because it just so happens that at any given time I have shelves of used clothes, just waiting to be handed out! That day, I gave the lady two outfits for her, a couple of dresses and a toy for her daughter, and she went on her way. A couple of weeks ago the lady came back. She said that she came back because she was so thankful for how generous we were last time, and she was hoping we might have some clothes for her again. I went into my storage room and grabbed a few things for her and her daughter. As she turned to leave she said, “God will bless you for this, you don’t know what this means to us.” I smiled and told her we were happy we could help. About an hour later, I saw that the lady was still sitting outside with her daughter. I began to think about the food and Bibles we had prepared to hand out later that week. I knew we had some extra food, and exactly one extra Bible. I knew that it was more than a coincidence that she was still out there, and that we had one extra Bible. I called her over, and she came back to my door. As I gave her the rice and beans, and the Bible, her eyes lit up. She kept thanking me over and over. She told me that she would be back, and next time she would be bringing me a watermelon. It was funny that she said a watermelon, but then she went on to explain that her family sells them to make money, and it was all she had that she could “pay me back” with. I thought it was really touching that she was so thankful, that she wanted to repay me any way she could. I have been thinking of that lady a lot lately, and praying that she is reading that Bible to her little girl.

7. The girl in the street-One day while Colleen was here, she and I rode in the back of our pick up truck, just looking around, and seeing if there was anyone we could bless with some shoes or clothes. We had a bag of stuff that included, pillowcase dresses, stuffed animals, and flip-flops. We had been driving for quite a while, but hadn’t seen much of anyone. I began to pray that we would find at least one little girl that we could give a dress to. About one second later, there was a little girl and her grandma walking along the street. We stopped the car, and Colleen and I gave the girl a dress and a little teddy bear. She was so excited, and the grandma looked so surprised. As we drove away, I could see the little girl holding onto her bear. She was so happy. It was really great to be able to just pull up next to them, give them the stuff, and say, “God bless you”. They may not have understood exactly why we gave it to her, but I am sure that little girl will remember for quite a while, the missionaries from America who gave her the bear and dress!

8. Hedi-When Colleen and I sat down and talked about the most touching, unforgettable moment of her whole six-week trip, we both agreed that it was meeting a little girl named Hedi. We first met her when we were handing out food and goodie bags in an area not far from my house. What made her stand out to us, was not her down syndrome, it was her reaction when we gave her the bag of stuff. She was so excited and kept thanking us. We talked briefly to her parents and they told us that she was their only child. They also mentioned that she will never be able to go to school because of her down syndrome, and that there are not many possibilities for someone like her here. It broke our hearts to learn that this adorable little girl won’t be able to reach her full potential, because there are opportunities for her here. Colleen had really been thinking about Hedi a lot, and talked to me about possibly going back to her house, and bringing her some school supplies that she could use with her parents. I agreed that it was a great idea, and Colleen bought a bunch of things for her. When we headed back to her house, her parents were shocked. They couldn’t believe we were back to visit, and bring a package to Hedi. Watching her pull out the notebooks, stickers, play dough and crayons, was great. She was so excited and kept double checking that it was all for her. You could tell that she has never been given a gift like this before and she couldn’t stop smiling. At one point I looked at her father, and his eyes were filled with tears. He was so touched that we cared so much about his daughter, when sadly, most people don’t see just how special she is. Colleen told her how much God loves her, and that He has a special purpose for her! By the time we got back in the truck, we all had wet eyes. It was just a really great moment, being able to share God’s love with this family, and let them know how much God cares for them. I know it is something that we will remember for a long time.

We have been blessed with so many wonderful experiences over the past few weeks. These were just a few stories that we wanted to share, but there are so many more! Please keep these people in prayer. Pray that God continue to bless them, and that He will work in their hearts. Pray that they might see what we have done, and give glory to our Father who is in heaven. (Matt. 5:16)


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