When God Says Wait…

It’s no secret that it was never my plan to live in El Salvador. I never planned to start a mission, in fact, I never even thought about going on a mission trip, but here I am.

I said, “Lord, please don’t send me.”

God said, “Trust Me, I have a plan.”

That was five years ago.

In the beginning, the days dragged on, and I basically just tried to pass the time, all the while dreaming of when my American dream would come true. Fast forward five years, and I am a part of Hope and a Future Missions, hosting mission trips, sharing the Good News, and helping out the needy in our community.

I came here with no plan, but God brought me here because of His plan.


I love what we are doing. Sharing God’s Word, and bringing hope to the hurting, has been such a blessing to me. I am confident that this is where God wants us right now. I’d be lying though, if I said this is where we want to be forever. There are daily struggles, and hardships that we face, and our children will face, because of where we are. I am content right now, but I still dream of what life would be like if we didn’t have to worry about some of the dangers that we face every day.

I said, “Lord, please send me home.”

Today God said, “Wait. I’m not done with you here, trust Me.”

So, I am trusting Him, and you know what? I agree. I do feel like we have work that still needs to be done here. Hope and a Future Missions, is just getting started, and I am excited to see how God will continue to use us here.

God said, “wait” and today, I am at peace with that…because He didn’t say, “No”.


6 thoughts on “When God Says Wait…

  1. I admire you for the strength you have, for letting God use you in so many ways. And it’s true, we may not plan all we have to go through, but God does, as you know I’m here the same way, it’s the other way around, but still waiting like you amiga, God knows the best, lets keep waiting on him, there will be a day when all our prayers will come to an answer. May God keep shining through you!

    • You’re right, God does know best, and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that HE has put you in my life. Together, God has used us to do some great things, and it is so clear that He had it planned that way, even we neither of us did!

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