Have a Heart for El Salvador

Last year we were blessed with several successful fundraisers and we are hoping that this year will be even better! Our Mission Board has put together a special fundraiser for the month of feb. called “Have a Heart for El Salvador”. Please consider being a part of our first fundraiser of the new year. It’s easy, and you can do it wherever you are. Below is a list of facts about El Salvador, and the areas where Hope and a Future Missions, does our work. On the list there is also a small donation and a prayer that goes with each day. It’s a great way for kids and adults to learn more about life in another country. You can use your spare change to make a big change for some needy families in El Salvador. Just keep track of what donation you make each day, and at the end of feb. you can write a tax-deductible check to W.S.R.B.C. with Hope and a Future in the memo. Checks can be mailed to 111 Rollstone Ave. West Sayville, N.Y. 11796, and are due March. 3rd.


Thanks for your support!

Feb 1:
Fact: Some people in ES do not have enough food to feed their families.
Donation:  If you have never had to worry where your next meal was coming from give 50 cents.
Prayer: Pray for these parents as they struggle to feed their families, and for those going to bed hungry.

Feb 2:
Fact: Schooling available in ES, but it is not uncommon for students to have to share books and supplies.
Donation: If you have/had your own text books in school give 50 cents.
Prayer: Pray that these children will have a good education despite the circumstances.

Feb 3:
Fact: Jobs are not plentiful in ES, and wages are low.  The average pay for a day’s work is only $7.
Donation: If you have a job give $1.
Prayer: Ask God to supply jobs for those seeking them.

Feb 4:
Fact: Emergency medical care is not readily available.  Ambulances are few, and unreliable.  As a result, many people have a more serious outcome to their injuries, or even die.
Donation: If you or anyone in your family has been in an ambulance or been to the ER give 75 cents.
Prayer: Pray for those people, and families whose lives have been affected because of unreliable medical care.

Feb 5:
Fact: Many children have never received a gift on their birthday or Christmas, because their family is too poor to buy them.
Donation: If you received a gift on your last birthday give 50 cents.
Prayer: Thank God that Hope and a Future Missions, was able to give out small gift bags to children at Christmas, including an activity book of the Christmas story.

Feb 6:
Fact: ES is overrun with gangs and crime.  It is normal to see armed guards outside of stores, restaurants etc.
Donation: Give 50 cents if your grocery store does NOT have an armed guard.
Prayer: Pray for the safety of the people in ES.

Feb 7:
Fact: Christians in ES anxiously worship the Lord in HOT, LONG church services, which are usually over 2 hours long.
Donation: Give $1 if your church has a/c to keep you comfortable in hot weather.
Prayer: Pray that these Christian’s faith will continue to grow as the serve the Lord in ES.

Feb 8:
Fact: Churches in ES do not have Bibles for the people to use, and some people cannot afford to buy their own.
Donation: Give 25 cents for every Bible in your home.
Prayer: Pray that Hope and a Future Missions will be able to continue to Bibles to those who cannot afford them.

Feb 9:
Fact: Some people in ES have had very little education and as a result struggle with reading and writing.
Donation: If you can read and write give 50 cents.
Prayer: Pray that these people will be able to learn to read and write better, so they will not have to struggle with so many things in life that require these skills.

Feb 10:
Fact: Some areas of ES are extremely poor. In these areas, most people live in shacks with dirt floors and leaky roofs.
Donation:  If you were kept dry in your home during the last rain give 50 cents.
Prayer: Ask God to supply the needs of these people, as they struggle to survive.

Feb 11:
Fact: There are homes so poorly constructed that their walls are made of plastic garbage bags, or scraps of tin. Some of these poorly constructed homes are in areas that get mudslides and flooding during storms.  These people live in fear of their homes being washed away.
Donation: If you have NEVER had to worry about losing your home in a storm give $1.
Prayer: Pray that God would spare these people’s homes and their lives during the stormy season.

Feb 12:
Fact: There are few, if any, adult homes in ES. Those with special needs due to their age, must rely on their families to care for them. This is a huge responsible for people who have no special training.
Donation:  If you know anyone that is a resident of an adult home give 50 cents.
Prayer: Pray for patience for those families caring for elderly family members.

Feb 13:
Fact: There are few, if any, schools and programs for children with handicaps in ES.
Donation: Give 75 cents if you know a child with special needs.
Prayer: Ask the Lord to bless the lives of these children, that they will not be seen as a burden, but a blessing to those around them.

Feb 14:
Fact: It is not unusual for crowds to get rowdy during handouts of food or clothes. The people are so afraid there will be none left for them, that it can become a dangerous situation.
Donation: If you have clothes in your closet give 50 cents.
Prayer: Pray for the safety of the people in these situations and for those giving out the food and clothes. 

Feb 15:
Fact: These poorly constructed homes we mentioned a few days ago, can single people out as targets for being robbed.
Donation: If you feel safe in your home and in your neighborhood give $1.
Prayer: Ask God for His protection for the people who seem to be easy targets for robbery.  Pray that they would be kept safe from harm and danger.

Feb 16:
Fact: Some homes in ES do not have indoor plumbing.  These conditions can sometimes lead to disease.
Donation: Give 50 cents for each bathroom in your home.
Prayer: Pray that these people would be kept healthy despite some undesirable conditions.

Feb 17:
Fact: Many people in ES do not drive, or cannot afford a car, and are forced to find other means of transportation, which can sometimes be dangerous.
Donation: If you have a car or truck to get you around give $1.
Prayer:  Ask God to continue helping these people to find ways to safely get where they need to be, that those who are blessed with their own transportation would be willing to help those without.

Feb 18:
Fact: It is not uncommon for people to have only gone to school for 2 or 3 years.  Even today some children are not able to go to school for long, because they must help support their family.
Donation: If you are in school give 50 cents, if you have a HS diploma give 75 cents, if you have a college diploma give $1, any degree beyond college give $2.
Prayer: Pray that the children in ES today, can continue their education so they can further themselves, and be able to get better jobs to care for their families in the future.

Feb 19:
Fact: Several areas in ES do not have water that is safe to drink. The people there must get their water from other areas or buy it.
Donation: If you can drink water from your faucet give 50 cents.
Prayer: Pray that safe drinking water will be readily available to those that need it.

Feb 20:
Fact: Even in the doctor’s offices and hospitals there are often unsanitary conditions.
Donation: If your doctor’s office is clean give 25 cents.
Prayer: Pray that the people going to the doctor in ES would not come out with other issues due to the sometimes unsanitary conditions.

Feb 21:
Fact: Several children in ES have hand me down clothes or used clothes.
Donation: If you have any clothes that were bought new give 50 cents, if you have any clothes that are hand me downs give 25 cents.
Prayer: Thank the Lord that these children are happy to receive used clothes, as many of them only have one or two outfits to wear.

Feb 22:
Fact: Most children in ES do not have access to electronic games like Wii, Xbox 360, Gameboy, DS, computers etc.
Donation: For each of the 5 games listed in the fact that you have, give 50 cents.
Prayer: Ask the Lord to make you mindful of how much you take for granted, and how much you have been blessed.

Feb 23:
Fact: It is rare for most families in ES to be able to go out to eat to a restaurant. They just cannot afford to do it.
Donation: If you have gone out to eat during the month of February give $1.
Prayer: Pray for contentment for the people of ES. There is so much that we take for granted that they live without.

Feb 24:
Fact: Children in ES have very few toys.
Donation: If you have more toys in your house than you can play with in a day give 50 cents.
Prayer: Ask God to help the children of ES to find ways to have fun with the little they have.

Feb 25:
Fact: Dengue fever is a virus carried by infected mosquitos. It is a serious virus that many people become infected with.  It can be treated if caught early, but many who get the illness do not get proper treatment and become very sick and can even die.
Donation: If you don’t have to worry about your mosquito bites killing you give 75 cents.
Prayer: Pray for people whose living conditions put them at high risk for this virus, those living near the water are at a greater risk.  Pray also that those infected can get the proper medical care quickly.

Feb 26:
Fact: There are still many people, especially in rural areas, without electricity.
Donation: For each load of wash you did today give 25 cents, if you watched TV give 50 cents, if you used a computer give 75 cents.  If you did 2 out of the 3 give $1 more.
Prayer: Pray for the people living without electricity every day, as this makes their daily chores more difficult.

Feb 27:
Fact: So many families in ES have a family member in the United States trying to make a better life. Many times it is the father, working in the US to make money for his family.  Some have children that they have never seen.
Donation: If your family has never had one member apart from the rest for more than a week give 50 cents, if you have NEVER EVER been apart give $1.
Prayer: Pray for the families of ES that have family members apart from them trying to make a better life for their family. This is such a hard way to live.

Feb 28:
Fact:  There are several communities that have come to rely on the work of Hope and a Future Missions, for food, clothing, activities for their children, and even gifts for their children at Christmas.
Donation: If you are grateful to have been a part of this fundraiser and to have had the chance to learn more about ES and pray for the people there give $1.
Prayer: Pray that God will raise up people who desire to go to ES on mission trips and help Hope and a Future Missions, with their work there. Please continue to remember Hope and a Future Missions, in your prayers over the year to come.