A Refuge for the Oppressed

Today in church, we had some special music. When I heard the music start, I looked up and saw a man playing the guitar and singing. At first I was confused, because I knew I heard two people singing, but only saw one man. I looked around, trying to figure out where the other voice was coming from, and that’s when I spotted him. There was an older man, singing along. I hadn’t seen him at first because he was in a wheel chair, and it was hard to see him from my seat.

Just looking at him you could see he had been through some hard times. He face was worn, and his left leg was removed from the knee down. He had to hold his guitar differently because of his wheel chair, but it didn’t affect the way he played at all.

I began to think about this guy, and what his life must be like. I’m sure he can’t work because of his injury, and there are not many wheel chair-friendly places here. The streets are crowed with people walking and pushing, I can’t imagine how he gets around.

I wondered how I would feel to be in that position. I think I’d be frustrated, maybe even angry at times, but not this guy. He had the biggest smile, and the loudest voice as he sang praises to God. I may not have understood every single word he sang, but I didn’t need to. His attitude spoke to me more than anything he could have said in that song!


It’s really easy to get bitter, and question God when things don’t go our way. Sometimes it’s difficult to praise God in hard times, but it’s important to remember He is with us even in times of trouble. (Psalm 9:9)

Next time you are facing a hardship, remember that it is important that you still give thanks to God, you never know who may be watching, or what lives you may touch when you do!


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