Inside the Big Box

 A few days ago, we received a HUGE box of donated items from the U.S. We are always excited to see what has been sent to us, and we were in no way disappointed at large selection of clothes that were donated to us this time!

IMG_5734Among the clothes were these 65 brand new, New York Islanders t-shirts. A man had been doing work for the team and was given these shirts, but was told he wasn’t allowed to sell them. He decided to donate them to us, and we are really excited. They are marked $27 each, so that is a total of $1,755 worth of t-shirts! They will be a huge blessing to so many men and teen boys in our town, especially because we tend to have less men’s clothes donated to us.

IMG_5736Also in the box, were 100 pairs of brand new flip-flops! A lady saw them on sale and bought all of these because she had been in El Salvador in the past, and seen first hand the kids, and adults, who have no choice but to walk barefoot. We can hardly wait until next month when we bring a bunch of these flip-flops into one of the communities where we work. I have noticed that many of the children in this area show up to our programs without any shoes, so getting these flip-flops will make them really happy!

IMG_5730The majority of the children’s clothes that were sent to us came from a girl who was on a mission trip with us last summer. She was part of a group that organized and handed out a bunch of clothes in a needy community. Seeing how much these kids needed these clothes, and how excited they were to receive them, really made an impact on her. She knew we were out of kid’s clothes when she left, so as soon as she got back to America, she sold a Coach purse she had, and used the money to buy clothes for the children in El Salvador. She shopped on clearance racks at Kmart, and went to a Savers used clothes store on a discount day, and ended up getting tons of new, and like-new clothes!

After we got the box I had a conversation with her. During our talk, she said something that really stood out to me. She was talking about how she really didn’t need to have a Coach brand purse, and how it’s really amazing to think that selling a small purse for about $50, is making it possible for all the kids in an entire village to get some new clothes. Some of these kids have never owned new clothes in their lives, so seeing the tags still on these clothes will be a real surprise to them.

She’s right, it is crazy to think that by her making a small sacrifice, she will be blessing an entire community. She is planning to return this summer, and I am happy that she will have the opportunity to see these kids’ faces light up as they receive their clothes!

We are so thankful to each and every person who has donated to us. No matter what you gave, no matter how big or small, every single donation touches lives here, and helps us show God’s love to others! Thank you!


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