Inside the Small Box

A few weeks ago, I wrote about all the great things we received inside a huge box. We recently got another box that was sent to us, and though it was smaller, it was still FULL of great stuff for us to hand out!

Just take a look at what was inside:

IMG_5870 A family friend works for a dentist office, and was able to get 288 tubes of toothpaste and these 63 toothbrushes donated to us! It may seem crazy to think that a toothbrush could be a big deal, but many of these families do not have toothbrushes, or have to share one toothbrush for the whole family, so these will be a huge blessing to them!IMG_5874

We also found a box with dozens of hand creams, and lotions that one lady who used to sell MaryKay donated! These will be a great addition to the bags of grooming items that we will be making up, and handing out in a few weeks!IMG_5871

We also received this box with over a hundred razors! We are excited that we can give each family a razor in the bags as well!IMG_5873

In addition to all of these items, we also got a bunch of donations of things like mini shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and more! Here you can see I have started to separate them so that each family will get a little bit of everything!IMG_5884

No box is ever complete without some clothes, and this one was no exception. We also found 36 MORE pairs of flip-flops that didn’t make it into the big box!IMG_5861

Thanks so much to everyone who donated these items! We know they will be a real blessing to the families who get them. I know it is hard to imagine, but to these people even these small bottles of shampoo, or a used t-shirt is often more than they have now. These little things mean a lot to them, so thank you!


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