Mission Work with Family

Just over a week ago we went and handed out some items in all three of the locations where we work. It was a special day for us, because my family from New York had come to visit, and would be helping us, and seeing where we work. One of my sisters has been here multiple times for mission trips, but for the rest of the family, it was a real eye opener.

While driving through one neighborhood my nine year-old brother saw what he though was a neat fort for kids to play in. When we explained that it was actually a house where a whole family lived, he was both shocked and sad.

246544_10200805365962124_956562345_n[1]At the first location, we handed out Easter goody bags for kids, and tote bags filled with food, like rice and soup, for each family. The people were so thankful for the food. Many of them struggle to feed their families, so they are very happy when they see us coming!


In another area, we brought grooming kits for each family, and some more goody bags for the kids. The kids in this area were especially excited to see us coming, because they knew we’d have something special for them!


In the last area where we went, we brought dozens of flip-flops. We knew these would be a big hit, especially for the children in this area, because many are usually barefoot. When we arrived in the neighborhood, several of the kids were playing soccer, some were playing with no shoes on. When they saw the flip-flops they were very excited.


It was great experience to see these kids walking home with shoes on their feet. For many of them it has been a while since they have owned any.


We are so thankful, not only for all the donationed items we were able to handout, but that we could share the experience with family. They were able to see first hand what Hope and a Future Missions does, and feel the joy of being able to help these families who are in need.


6 thoughts on “Mission Work with Family

  1. Hi Megan and Adan,
    am happy to hear things are going well there and you have relatives as well with you. It is good for us Canadians/Americans to see how much of the other world lives in comparison to our lives. Gods blessing on you all. Michael

    • Great to hear from you Michael! It’s very true, it is easy for many North Americans to take things for granted without even meaning to. Every once in a while it is good to be reminded that not everyone is as blessed. Hope you are doing well! Thanks for reading our blog!

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