About Hope and a Future Missions

 Hope and a Future Missions, is a Christian outreach that was founded in 2011, by Adán and Meghan Villatoro. We host mission trips in Santa Rosa de Lima, El Salvador, to serve the needy in our area. With help from mission teams, we have been able to hand out food and clothing to hundreds of people in our community, as well as provide Bibles for many who can not afford them. Our mission has also run children’s programs like Vacation Bible School, a soccer youth ministry, and sunday school, in nearby villages. We have also been a part of many construction projects, such as painting in several locations, and building a house for a needy family. It is our prayer that the people of El Salvador will be blessed by the work our mission is doing here and come to know the God we love, who has brought us here to serve!

To help support our mission, please “like” us on facebook at www.facebook.com/hopeandafuturemissions where you will find updates, upcoming events, weekly prayer request and pictures of projects we are working on.

Hope and a Future Missions, is an outreach of West Sayville Reformed Bible Church.


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