Plan a Mission Trip

We are always looking for people to come and help us serve in El Salvador. If you are interested in coming on a mission trip, here is some information you should keep in mind as you plan your trip.

Trips are offered year-round. (The only time we do not host trips is Dec. 1-Jan 1.)

We offer both Short-Term and Long-Term Trips

Short-Term Trips-

Are for 4-11 people

Can be one week, ten days, or two weeks long.

Must have a team leader who is 21 years or older.

Are for ages 16 and up

Long-term trips-

Are for 1-2 people

Can be 4 weeks-6 weeks long

Are for adults 18 and up

For ALL Mission Trips Remember-

They take about 2 months to plan.

You will need a valid passport 6 weeks prior to the trip.

There are certian shots you will need before entering El Salvador. You doctor should be able to help you.

For more information, please contact us at


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