Here is what some members of past mission trips had to say about Hope and a Future Missions, and their trips to El Salvador:

“I truly have been blessed with the opportunity to serve along side of you guys.”                  Lenny V.

“I loved being able to learn about the culture and food. I loved being able to bond with people, seeing their houses and learning their names. I loved seeing the real El Salvador”  Sarah R.

“A kind heart can show people the joy and happiness you can find in Christ, which people desperately need to find…your happiness, and willing heart shows your faith in God.”           Aileen C.

“I liked handing out clothes, because the people really needed them. It was exciting to see that many of the kids were wearing them the next day at VBS.”                                             Alexandra K.

“You not only touch the people here, but you have touched each one of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…the Lord has blessed you, and you are in turn blessing others.”      Brian Y.

“This has definitely been an experience I will never forget. All the shared laughs, cries, and stores have made this trip unbelieveable..God is doing great things!”                                   Jen E.

“Serving the people of El Salvador, and connecting so much with them, really made me feel like we are making a difference in many lives.”                                                                Colleen Y.


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