Types of Trips

We realize that not all people have the same talents and abilities, so we are happy to offer several types of trips. Hope and a Future Missions, will gladly work with you to figure out what your group is most suited for. Types of trips that we offer are:

Leading Vacation Bible School: Your group would be in charge of running a VBS program for children. Knowing Spanish is not necessary, but having some members who know a little spanish is a plus. This would include singing songs with kids, doing a craft with them, and sharing a message with them about Jesus.

Doing Construction/Hands on work: This trip is recommended for strong, hard-working people. Having some members experienced in painting, construction or doing yard work would be a benefit to the team, but anyone who is up for the challenge is certainly welcome.

Running Kids Soccer Camp: This is the perfect trip for athletic people, but anyone who enjoys playing with kids can really be a part of this trip. The mission group would help kids practice their soccer skills, and play soccer games with them. The group would also spend some time telling them about Jesus and his love for them.

Outreach and Service Projects: While all trips include some handouts of things like rice and beans or Bibles, this trip would take it a step further and really focus on some of the physical and spiritual needs of the people in our community. The mission group would do activities like bringing clothing to families in need, and sharing our hope in Christ with the people we are serving.

Keep in mind that longer trips are often a mix of different activities.

Regardless of trip type, all mission trips include a day away, daily devotion time, and at least one handout of clothing or food.


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