The Nike Sneakers

In July 2011, a girl went to a “Savers” used clothing store and bought a pair of used Nike sneakers. She was going on a mission trip to El Salvador in just a few weeks, and knew with all the painting and construction she’d be doing, that they would probably get very dirty. She didn’t want to spend a lot of money on shoes that would get ruined in one week, so this pair seemed perfect. During her mission trip, the shoes got concrete on the bottom from the house she helped build for a needy family, and purple paint on the toes that had dripped while painting a house for a widow. When the trip was over,  she asked if she could keep the sneakers at my house, because she knew she’d be back next summer for another mission trip. I didn’t mind, and I put them on a shelf in our storage room.

As promised, she returned the following summer, and we dug out her shoes. They still had the paint on them, but were really in good shape other than that. She wore them during the week as we handed out food and clothes to people in several different communities. By the end of the week, they were very muddy, but once again she asked if she could leave them behind, this time adding that we could clean them up, and hand them out if we found a good owner for them!

This summer about a week before returning to El Salvador once again, she messaged me to see if her sneakers were still here. They were, so shortly after arriving, she got them out of storage, and put them on. She wore them this summer as we lead VBS, played games with kids and handed out grooming items to some people in need. Before heading back to the States, she wiped off the sneakers, and said that she knew she would be back, but that she also knew someone here would need the shoes more than her, so we should try to give them away. After all, she had gotten her money’s worth, and the shoes had already been a part of years of mission work!

Last week, our friend and volunteer, Esther, had been telling me about some very needy people she knew of in her town, and in another area a few hours away. We had some food, clothes and stuffed animals that I was able to give her. In addition, we also gave her 40 pairs of shoes. Included in all the shoes, was a pair of Nike sneakers with purple paint on the toes. (The blue and white pair on the top!)photo[1]A few days after taking all the shoes, Esther, met a man in her town who was selling lemons. He asked her is she would like to buy some. Seeing the condition the man was in, she knew she would do more than buy some lemons to help him. Esther, invited him to her house, and was able to give him food, and a pair of shoes. He had come from a town that is fairly far away, and he now has a pair of Nike sneakers to wear as he heads to and from his home each day. 1000957_615003291877882_1887377549_n[1]Years ago, someone in NY donated a pair of sneakers to a Savers store. Someone else bought them and brought them to El Salvador. A house was painted. A home was built. People were clothed, fed, and taught about Jesus. Now a man has shoes to wear as he works to provide for his family.

God can use the smallest things to make a huge difference. Never feel like you don’t have enough to give, or that your small donation doesn’t mean very much. Sometimes those little things end up being the biggest blessings!


9-Day Mission Trip~2013

A couple of weeks ago, we were able to host our third, and final mission trip of this summer. The group of ten stayed for nine-day, during which we did several activities.IMG_0295

We were able to spend some time playing soccer with kids, and finished up the 5-week soccer camp we had started during our last mission trip. On the last day of soccer camp, we handed out stuffed animals to all the kids, and a bunch of grooming items to their parents. The kids were so excited with their new animals, and the parents were equally as happy to receive things like shampoo, soap and toothbrushes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One afternoon we went into 2 other villages, and handed out more stuffed animals, and supplies to the families there. In one area we gave the family’s food, and in another we brought a bag full of clothes to each family.101_3014

The main focus for the trip, was building a new house for a family in real need. Maria and Jesus had been living in the house pictured above, when we met them. It was in terrible shape, and looked more like a kid’s fort than a house for a family to live in. We knew right away that we wanted to help them, and prayed that God would make a way for us to help them get their new house.

101_3006 We had been praying that we would know exactly what construction project God wanted us to do, and right from the start we were very confident that this project was in God’s plan for us. A friend from church, Jorge, (above with Adan) is a contractor, and had offered to help us with the house, which made us pretty sure that we’d be able to conquer such a big project in only 6 work days. IMG_3463

The mission team, Adan, Jorge, and his son, Jorge Jr. worked hard all week to get the house done. Throughout the week, Jesus, and his young grandchildren, Stefany, and Oscar, also helped to do any jobs they could. Maria, the woman whose house it was, could not have been more thankful for the mission team and their hard work. All week she was thanking them, and praising God for bringing the group to El Salvador to make this new home for her. She was determined to pay them back in any way she could, and spent one morning insisting that the girls let her wash the dirt and concrete off their legs. I have honestly never seen someone more thankful, and in everything she was thanking God, and praising Him for all the blessing He was giving to her through the mission team.P1280193

The last day of work, we were able to bring lunch to the work site, and eat with Maria, Jesus, and their extended family, as well as Jorge and his family. It was a great time of fellowship, and a way to show Jorge how much we appreciated him, and all his hard work on the house.IMG_0419

It’s hard to imagine that this little house, that most American’s would think of more as a shed, could be such a blessing, but for Maria and Jesus, it is their first real home. They finally have a safe, dry, house that they can call their own, and to them, that is huge! They now own the second best house in their area. Think about that for a moment.IMG_7393

The last full day of the mission trip was a Sunday. We spent the morning in church, and it was a very special time. We were going to be handing the key to the family, and singing in church, so Jesus came with Maria to church for the first time in a very long time. She was so happy to have him come with her, as well as her grandchildren. After the group presented the couple with the key to their new home, Maria said a few words, and continued to thank God, and the group for giving her the best home she had ever lived in.

Later in the service, something even more special happened. Jesus accepted Christ into his heart, something Maria had been praying about for a long time. After church, we were able to welcome Jesus into the family of God. Maria was so happy she could hardly contain herself. She told us that she now had a new home, and her husband was a Christian, she had everything she could want!

We were blessed with such a wonderful final mission trip. In all we did, we were able to see God’s hand. We are praying for Jesus, that he will have a true relationship with Christ, and that this couple will grow in Him.

Throughout the week we had been singing a song, that ironically was also sung in church on Sunday, and it seemed to be really fitting for all at took place during the week…

“Y tu nombre sobre todo es ,Tu eres digno de alabar
y mi ser dira, Cuan Grande es Dios.”

“Name above all names, You are, worthy of our praise,
My heart will sing how great, is our God.”


Week-Long Mission Trip-June 2013

Last week we had the opportunity to host our first mission trip of the summer. The mission team was made up of two amazing girls, who have a real heart for missions. We spent the week doing several activities in our town, starting with a four-day Vacation Bible School.

When we arrived in the community, the kids were very happy to see us. They were also excited to see that we had tables and chairs to use this summer, because last year they had to sit on the ground on a sheet. We explained to them that West Sayville Christian School, in New York had been taking offerings for four weeks to collect the money for our mission to buy the tables and chairs. The kids were grateful and they even made a short video thanking the school for their generosity.1017320_485519491516187_1625599880_n[2]The first day our theme was the story of Noah. We were able to listen to the Bible story, and sing the songs, but halfway through our cute ark craft, it started pouring! The kids all took off before we got to have snack, or play games, but they still had a great time.10644_484682204933249_1736326137_n[1]

The second day our theme was, “David and Goliath.” The kids started catching on to the songs, and we took turns having a few kids at a time come up to help lead the singing, and do hand motions. They had lots of fun, and thankfully the rain held off until after snack time!1044793_485049748229828_640196581_n[1]

Day three our theme was, “Daniel in the Lion’s Den.” The kids had a wonderful time making their lion masks, and pretending to be lions! We were excited to be able to have VBS from start to finish with no rain that day! 1011136_485050181563118_358483505_n[1]
Our fourth, and final day, the theme was, “Jonah.” We listened to a story, sang songs, made a whale craft, and had some whale crackers for snack! After we finished, we spent about an hour playing with the kids. Most of the boys played soccer, while the girls and younger kids did jump rope, and played some other games.1044595_485511011517035_1722211109_n[1]

Saying goodbye is always difficult. The kids told the girls how much they will be missed. The girls told the kids that they would never forget them, and that they will be praying for them. They also reminded the kids how special each of them is to God, and how much He loves them!11487_485510844850385_1047677714_n[1]

On Sunday, we went to church, and then spent some time sorting through clothes that we would be handing out on Monday. We also put together some goody bags for kids. The next morning we headed to two areas to hand out some things to the people there.

In one location we brought food to all the families in the community, and small toys for all the kids.IMG_7082

In the other community we brought the clothes to the families, and gave out the goody bags for the kids.IMG_7086

Monday afternoon, we ate lunch at a place near the water. That evening, we spent some time together shopping in town, and cooling off at the park. IMG_7070

God blessed us with a wonderful time together, and a great mission trip. We are so thankful for the girls who came to help us serve, and for God’s guidance and protection throughout the trip.

Marathon of Mission Trips

Last year, we were blessed with the opportunity to host three mission trips. This year one of our goals was to be able to host at least three trips, and maybe even throw in a fourth!  As of now we have met that goal, and currently have three mission trips planned for this summer.(We’d still love to host a fourth, if anyone is looking for something to do this fall?) It’s gonna be a little crazy, because each trip is one after another, but we are up for the challenge!

In a few weeks, we will welcome our first group. It’s a small group with only two girls, but we are confident that we will be able to accomplish all the work we have planned. During the week-long trip, we will be returning to the same community where we did a lot of work last summer, and once again, lead a VBS there. We will also be bringing clothes and supplies into two other neighborhoods that are in need. This trip is coming up soon, and we are very excited to see how God uses our mission in the lives of these children.IMG_3938

The day they leave, our next mission trip begins. This will be a four-week long trip with one young lady. Together, we will be running a kid’s soccer camp, and leading a VBS program for children in a different community. We also plan to do work in three communities, bringing them food, and other items that they are in need of. In addition, we will be going to be visit a local hospital and bring stuffed animals to the sick kids who are there. We have many things planned for this month-long trip, and are eager to start the projects we will be doing during those four weeks!IMG_1520

The final trip of the summer starts just three days after our four-week trip ends. This week and a half-long trip has a larger mission team than the others. The group of ten is a mix of people, some who are new-comers, and others who are returning for their second and third summers in a row! This group will be focusing on doing construction work, but they will also be doing handouts of supplies in 2 neighborhoods, and running the last week of our five-week soccer camp. (Started during the four-week mission trip.) We are looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, and getting to know the newest additions to this mission team!

This summer is going to be busy, with our “Marathon of Mission Trips”, but we are very thankful for all who are willing to come and work with our misson. We have some exciting things planned, and we know that God will use each and every one who comes on these mission trips, to be a blessing in our community!

“Hope” and “Smiles”

Over the past few weeks, we have been blessed to partner up with our friend and volunteer, Esther, and her group Regalando Sonrisas-Giving Smiles.( Together, Hope and a Future Missions, and Regalando Sonrisas, have been able to help some needy kids who live in a pretty remote area. Esther took a bunch of items that our mission had, as well as some donations she had received, and brought them to these kids.


Above is 2-year-old, Ariel. His mother is not able to care for him right now, so she had to leave him with his grandparents. The couple had very little for him, and don’t have the money to buy him new clothes and toys. Our mission was able to give him a bunch of clothes, (including the outfit he is trying on here) as well as a pair of shoes, and a stuffed animal. Esther, also brought some stuff she had to Ariel’s family. During her visit she was able to share a tract about Jesus with the family. The grandparents were very thankful for all the things we were able to give to them.

248391_469663269768476_1565425134_n[1]A struggling single mom desperately needed shoes for her children, so they could go to school. After hearing about this family, Esther, shared their story with me, and I knew we needed to find shoes for these kids. We were able to give each child a pair of shoes or flip-flops, as well as a goodie bag. Each of the goodie bags had some cookies, candy, small toys and activity pages about Jesus dying on the cross for them, and rising again. The two older boys are holding their new shoes, in the picture, (which looked too big, but surprisingly fit!) and the younger two children are wearing their shoes.


In addition to the children in that family, Esther was able to bring a bunch of pairs of shoes and flip-flops to other children in need in the community. This young man was very happy with his “new” shoes. They were a little big for him, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was just thankful to have some shoes to wear as he walks down the rocky roads in his village.

941284_469663129768490_811713551_n[1]This little boy with Esther, belongs to another family Hope and a Future Missions, and Regalando Sonrisas, were able to help. His father, only 25 years old, recently died as he was working. He had been trying to provide for his young family, by cutting branches from trees, when he fell, hitting his head on a rock. Esther was able to spend some time visiting with this little guy, his mom, and 6 week old baby brother. She brought them several things that had been donated to her group, as well clothes for each boy, some food, and stuffed animals, that our mission had for the family. During her visit, she tried to bring some “hope”, and “smiles” to this hurting family, by sharing God’s love with them. The mother was very grateful for Esther, and all the things we were able to provide her family with.

It can be challenging for my family and I to bring items to people in these very rural areas. (Some of these villages cannot be reached by car.) We are so thankful that Esther is able to bring a bunch of the food and clothes that our mission has available, to these families who are in need of them. Working together, we hope we are able to bring many smiles to some people who don’t always have hope, or reasons to smile.


Inside the Big Box

 A few days ago, we received a HUGE box of donated items from the U.S. We are always excited to see what has been sent to us, and we were in no way disappointed at large selection of clothes that were donated to us this time!

IMG_5734Among the clothes were these 65 brand new, New York Islanders t-shirts. A man had been doing work for the team and was given these shirts, but was told he wasn’t allowed to sell them. He decided to donate them to us, and we are really excited. They are marked $27 each, so that is a total of $1,755 worth of t-shirts! They will be a huge blessing to so many men and teen boys in our town, especially because we tend to have less men’s clothes donated to us.

IMG_5736Also in the box, were 100 pairs of brand new flip-flops! A lady saw them on sale and bought all of these because she had been in El Salvador in the past, and seen first hand the kids, and adults, who have no choice but to walk barefoot. We can hardly wait until next month when we bring a bunch of these flip-flops into one of the communities where we work. I have noticed that many of the children in this area show up to our programs without any shoes, so getting these flip-flops will make them really happy!

IMG_5730The majority of the children’s clothes that were sent to us came from a girl who was on a mission trip with us last summer. She was part of a group that organized and handed out a bunch of clothes in a needy community. Seeing how much these kids needed these clothes, and how excited they were to receive them, really made an impact on her. She knew we were out of kid’s clothes when she left, so as soon as she got back to America, she sold a Coach purse she had, and used the money to buy clothes for the children in El Salvador. She shopped on clearance racks at Kmart, and went to a Savers used clothes store on a discount day, and ended up getting tons of new, and like-new clothes!

After we got the box I had a conversation with her. During our talk, she said something that really stood out to me. She was talking about how she really didn’t need to have a Coach brand purse, and how it’s really amazing to think that selling a small purse for about $50, is making it possible for all the kids in an entire village to get some new clothes. Some of these kids have never owned new clothes in their lives, so seeing the tags still on these clothes will be a real surprise to them.

She’s right, it is crazy to think that by her making a small sacrifice, she will be blessing an entire community. She is planning to return this summer, and I am happy that she will have the opportunity to see these kids’ faces light up as they receive their clothes!

We are so thankful to each and every person who has donated to us. No matter what you gave, no matter how big or small, every single donation touches lives here, and helps us show God’s love to others! Thank you!

The Best Parts of 2012

2012 was quite a busy year for Hope and a Future Missions. We started this blog. We did 8 successful fundraisers. We became an outreach of our home church, West Sayville Reformed Bible Church. We hosted 3 mission trips. The list goes on, but if I had to choose what the best moments were, it would be some of the things we have had an opportunily to do to help people in our community.

I could fill this blog post with hundreds of pictures of great moments from the past year. I could go on and on writing about all the special people we have had the pleasure of working with, but instead, I will share just a few of my favorite things we have been able to be a part of this year.

I loved being able to work in the community where we own some land. The people are so friendly, and the kids especially have a special place in my heart. They LOVED playing soccer with us, and our mission team in July. Seeing how happy we could make these kids, just by spending a little time with them, was amazing.


Another great part of this year, was being able to go back in August with another group, and do VBS with these kids. They loved watching our skits, hearing the Bible verses, making the crafts, and singing the songs we taught them. It was such a great blessing to see these little ones singing praises, and getting excited to learn about Jesus!


These kids are so happy when they see our truck coming. They literally jump in the back of the truck to try to see what we have planned this time! I love that these kids are so excited to see us, and that they know, no matter what we bring, or do in the neighborhood, it is something that will make them smile!


One of the other things that I have really enjoyed over the past year have been handing things out to families that are in real need. We have been able to bring food, clothing, grooming items, and the Gospel to hundreds of people over the past year. Though these long lines can be a little over-whelming at times, (things could get really ugly if we run out of food!) it’s also exciting, because it means we will be able to help so many people!


Being able to bring food to people who don’t know where there next meal is coming from, or putting shoes on the feet of a child who has none is an incredible feeling. We are so thankful for all those who have donated to our mission, or supported us through fundraisers, offerings, etc. Without your support, we would not be able to put smiles on faces like these…


There are so many people who have helped us over the past year, in various ways. Many have donating clothes, or stuffed animals, that have been a huge help to us. One of my favorite donations we have received was all the pillowcase dresses that were made for us to hand out, by some dear sisters in Christ. They have spent countless hours making these adorable dresses, and thanks to them we have given over 80 little girls, new dresses!


To everyone who has liked our facebook page, liked a status, or commented on our blog, thank you. Thanks to anyone who has said a prayer for our mission, or a prayer for the families we are helping. They really do need prayer, and we are thankful that we have some amazing prayer warriors, constantly lifting them and us in prayer.


I also want to thank all those who came down here on mission trips this year. It’s not an easy things to do, and we are so grateful for every single one of you! Without your help we wouldn’t have been able to do many of these activities, or see things like Clato standing in front his completed house, that YOU built for him…


…or sunday school children smiling as they hear the story of salvation, and sing songs!


We also want to thank all our volunteers here, once again. All of the things we have done over the past year have been with the help of Esther and/or Angel.

Without Esther’s help we wouldn’t have been able to do things like pray with a shut-in who was hurting, or share the gospel with dozens of children in a public elementary school!


Without Angel’s help, it would be difficult to keep rowdy crowds under control, or bring so many people things like food, or Christmas presents!


We are so thankful for all the great moments we have had in 2012, and for all the special people who have made them possible. We may be the ones here, but Hope and a Future Missions wouldn’t exist without people who are willing to donate time, money, clothing, etc. to us. We certainly could not have done all these things without the mission teams who came to help us or our hard-working volunteers! So thankyou. Even if all you have done is read this blog, and said a prayer, thankyou! Prayer is the number one thing we need to succeed!

So what is the number one best moment we have had in 2012? It’s hard to say really, because there have been so many wonderful things that have happened. If I had to choose, though, I’d say that my favorite part of 2012, was just being able to bring some smiles to people who don’t seem to have many reasons to smile. To be able to bring food or clothing to them is a great thing, but to bring hope for their future…the hope we have in Christ, is indescribable. I pray that we have given these people lots to smile about. Not just with the physical things we have brought them, but that they may have been blessed by the spiritual food we have brought them too!