4-Week Mission Trip~The Second Two Weeks

The second two weeks of our four-week mission trip went even better then the first two!IMG_7209We were able to bring a bunch of grooming items to the River community. The people there are so friendly, and it was great to be able to do something for this area, since it is the only location where we work, where we are not doing any children’s activities this summer. In addition to the items we gave each family, we also brought little bags we made up for the kids in the neighborhood!IMG_7235We also continued our Vacation Bible School with kids in a different location. We were able to share the stories of Daniel (above) and Jonah (below) with the kids. They loved listening to the stories and especially enjoyed the crafts! IMG_7276

On the final day of VBS we handed out flip-flops to all the kids who were there, and any parents who had stayed. All together we gave out about 20-25 pairs. The kids were especially excited, and many of them were really in need of a new pair!IMG_7279

One day during the second two weeks, we had the opportunity to go into town and hand out some little bags to kids in the park. Each bag had a small toy that had been donated to us, a coloring page and crayons, some cookies or candies, and a witnessing bracelet and card that explained what each color represents. It was great to watch the kids light up as we handed out the bags. We are praying that each of them will read the card, and learn about God’s love for them. 391338_364351640299640_1000104169_n[1]

We also continued our soccer camp. It was a great spending time with the kids, and trying to teach them to play with a Christ-like attitude. IMG_7315

At the end of each day we would handout awards to the two kids who showed the best attitude, and worked the best with their teammates. This little girl was so excited to get an award!IMG_7264

We had a great four weeks working with our missionary, Lisa. We are so thankful for her willingness to come and help us serve Christ, as we work and minister to people in our community! God has opened so many doors for us over the past four weeks, and we are so thankful for the opportunities He has given us to help those in need!IMG_7330


Fish Bellies and Poor Speakers

Remember the story of Jonah? As a kid, I can remember thinking, “silly Jonah, don’t you know God sees everything”? The older I got, though, I started to understand “silly Jonah” a little more. Sure he should have known God would “find” him anywhere, but why did he try to hide in the first place? He didn’t want to do what God was asking him to, and wanted to find a way out. Even if we have never tried to run from God, can we honestly say we have never thought about running away from what God has called us to do? I’ll be honest, there have been times in my life, that like Jonah, I have thought, “Lord, I really don’t want to do this!” It’s not alway easy to accept what God has planned for our lives. Especially when it’s different from what we want for our lives! Even Moses pleaded with God, “O Lord, please send someone else to do it”. (Exodus 4:13) I think that sometimes what God asks of us seems so overwhelming to us, because we are looking at our own strength to carry it out, instead of remembering that God will carry us, as we carry out His will. It’s very easy to think of reasons why we can’t do what God is asking. I’m guilty of saying things like, “Lord, my spanish is not so good, I’m sure you could find someone else who’d be better” but then I read the words He responded to Moses in Exodus 4:12, “I will help you speak and will teach you what to say,” and I realize that I am not alone in this, God is constantly guiding me and helping me, every step of the way!

There is an old newsboys song that says:

When You called my name,
I didn’t know how far the calling went,
When You called my name,
I didn’t know what that word really meant,
When I recall Your call,
I feel
so small,
Lord, what did you see
when you called out for me?

It's hard to follow where God is leading when we can't see the end of the road, but we can trust that those He calls He will also equip.

Even when we don’t think we can do what God is asking, or that someone else can do it better, God had a reason for calling each person, to do each job. We may not see why He called us, or choose us to do His will, but we know His will is perfect, and can be sure that He has not made a mistake. Next time instead of trying to hide like Jonah, I hope I will be honored that God is using me and sees something in myself that I don’t!